We could not deny that we love to do things on our own. We love to prepare things that we need. Also, we make most of our time during that season that we have. During the fall season, it is the perfect time for seal coating our driveways and pavements. We need to prepare everything for the cold season that is soon to arrive. 

 With seal coating, we will provide a new look for our pavements and driveways. We will have something that will add to the value and enhance the curb appeal of our property. Paving is never easy. But, with the help of experts and professionals in this field, everything is under control. They will fix, construct, and do everything for your property! 

 Some property owners do not seek help from people for asphalt sealing. They might think that they can do things on their own. Well, it is not a bad thing significantly when your skills and knowledge about the nature of the job. In case you do not have the requirements to qualify, it is best to live this work alone. It is a wise decision to hire someone who is an expert.  

 If you want to DIY your asphalt sealing, here are the things that you should know: 


Before sealing, ensure that you have prepared everything. It includes the driveways or pavements that asphalts are present. You need to ensure that holes, cracks, and other issues on your asphalts are well-managed and well-taken care of by yourself. If you will not do these things, you will cut off the purpose of sealing, which is protection. On the other hand, if you have paver linings, bricks, and natural stones on your driveways, keep in mind to cover them to prevent them from sealing. Additionally, you need to conduct proper and thorough clean-up for a job well done! 


Always keep in mind that you need to determine the size of the asphalt area. In this manner, you will measure the amount of sealer you are about to use. Also, inspect how much your asphalt needs. There are cases that you need amounts of sealers because your asphalt area is not in good condition. Aside from that, if you have come to the point of sealing areas that do not need a sealer, stop worrying! Mostly, we can remove sealers when wet with the use of water and soap. Do not wait for the area to dry, wash it immediately!  

During the coating, it most advisable to start with thin coats. Ensure that everything is in the right position. After the first coating, you need to wait for it to dry. After the dry moments, apply the second coat. Then, wait for the sealers to dry before using the asphalt area. 


You need to wait for at least 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours walking to the asphalt areas. If you want to determine if it is dry, you can rub a towel. If your towel will have a black color from the sealant, then, you need to wait longer.  

It is best to seal your driveways, pavements, and parking areas once a year. It will help your property to stay protected and combat the harmful elements that cause damages.